Travel Checklist
  • Plan your itinerary, and make reservations well in advance. If you're planning on attending a special event in Brazil (Carnaval, New Year's, etc.), it is important to make reservations very early, as Airline and Hotel reservations may be limited.
  • To enter Brazil, you must have a valid Passport and for United States Citizens, (and citizens of some other countries), a valid VISA from the Brazilian consulate is also required.
(see Do I need a visa to enter Brazil?)
General Consulate of Brazil in New York -
General Consulate of Brazil in Miami -
General Consulate of Brazil in Boston -
General Consulate of Brazil in San Francisco -

We suggest that you obtain information on the currency rates and purchase your Travelers Checks.
A Portuguese Language travel book would be helpful in familiarizing you with some everyday expressions, like asking for directions and ordering food.
Most of the staff in Brazilian Hotels speak some English and/or Spanish, but most people on the street, as well as cab drivers and waiters do not.

What to take with you:

  • A fair amount of sun block for skin protection if going in the summer., caps,/hats and shades.
  • f you're planning to do eco-tourism or visit rural areas, take mosquito repellent.
  • Personal grooming and hygiene supplies, like tooth brush, shaving blades, etc. Check if your hotel provides blow-dryer and pressing iron
  • If you're taking any medication, bring a supply for a few more days in case there's any delay of your return flight
  • If traveling during the summer, take light clothing. T-shirts and shorts are the best choice for tropical climate.

Do's And Don't s

  • Avoid being way too obvious. Tourist areas in Brazil are safe, however you should NOT expose expensive cameras or other valuables, nor leave it unattended on the beach.
  • Avoid eating food sold in the street, and drink only bottled water
  • Do careful of the sun, the summer in Brazil is really hot, and you can have a health problem by over exposure. Always use sun protection.
  • Information should be obtained from the Hotel staff or tourist stands only
  • Always carry a PHOTOCOPY of your passport, and the address and phone number for the Hotel you're staying. Avoid carrying the original documents – especially your Passport..
  • Obtain informed about the American embassy in the city you're visiting, in case you need any assistance or lose a document.